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LEARNING CENTER: Creating Content

Latest in Creating Content

On-page SEO

How to write helpful content that ranks.

The first maxim of SEO writing is simple: Write for people, not search engines. In a world of AI, the need for original, helpful, human-touch content that answers people's questions has never been greater. 

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

How to write social posts that engage.

Blog posts are about keywords but social media is about engagement. That requires a different approach to connecting with readers — and action words instead of keywords.

Content Calendars

How to create and post on schedule.

Search engines and readers both want fresh, timely content. A content calendar keeps your writing and publishing on track — helping your readers and boosting your rankings.


How to optimize your images and videos

A picture's worth a thousand words, but pictures need words for optimization. Learn about writing descriptions and alt tags as well as technical things like file size and resolution.


Get some fresh ideas.

Feeling stuck? Need inspiration? Turn off blogging mode for a moment to recharge your creative batteries with writing exercises, new habits, or maybe just a change of scenery.