Citation Services

Exactly 50 Words about Citations

Citations — listings in online business directories — are the "table stakes" of local search. A consistent profile reassures search engines that your business is legitimate — building authority, trust, and local rankings. To do that, your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) must appear the same on your website and online directories.

Citations Build Trust & Authority for Your Business

Build a Well-Rounded Citations Profile

Listing your business in online directories builds authority and trust that your business really exists where you say it does. Search engines want to see the same name, address, and phone number everywhere they look. Our citation services help your business create and maintain a well-rounded citations profile.

Clean Up Old and Incorrect Business Information

Has your business has ever moved? Or simply been around for awhile? Online directories could have outdated or incorrect information that's hurting your business. Google doesn't trust businesses with inconsistent information, and neither do customers.

Keep Your Critical Listings Correct & Current

Once your citations profile is created and cleaned up, it's important to maintain your most critical listings that people actually engage with — Google Business Profile, Apple Maps, Bing Places, Facebook, and the major aggregators and GPS systems (e.g. Waze).

Citation Services

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Citation Builder

A 60-day starter package for those new to local search:

• Initial citations audit

• Customized profile

• Removal of duplicate citations

• Submission of business info to 35 directories and aggregators (add'l available)

• Final audit and report

One-time service: $600 per business location

Citation Cleaner

A 60-day cleanup package for businesses that are established or moving to a new location:

• Identify and fix outdated and inaccurate information that's hurting your local search visibility

• Internet-wide cleanup of indexed citations

• Full audit and report

One-time service: $600 per business location

Citation Care

An annual service for all local businesses:

• Auto-syncing of Google Business Profile, Apple Maps, Bing Places, and Facebook Business Page

• Annual renewal on major data aggregators and GPS networks

• Annual citations audit and cleanup

Annual service: $400/year per business location

Get Started with Citation Services

1) Request your free Local Search Report.  2) We'll contact you within two business days to schedule a no-obligation 45-minute strategy session.

Citation Services Terms and Conditions

1) All citation services require that:
i. your business has a physical location that customers visit or that serves customers at their location (service area business) in accordance with Google's policies,
ii. you have an active Google Business Profile that satisfies Google's requirements for representing your business's name, address, and phone number (NAP), and
iii. your business name, address, and phone number appear identically on your Google Business Profile and business website.

2) Some directories require phone or email verification by the business directly. You will be notified by Lakeshore Local SEO when this is necessary, and arrangements made to ensure verification.

3) Citation Builder. A small percentage of directories and aggregators can take a long time to update business information. This means that the information may not appear until after the 60-day term of the Citation Builder agreement, even though it was submitted during the term.

4) Citation Cleaner. The service takes about 6-8 weeks with approximately a 70% average success rate. Success depends in part upon the response times of directory webmasters (if they respond at all).

5) Data Aggregators & Networks
Unlike most directory listings, aggregators require a paid annual renewal to keep business data “verified.” If not renewed, data is not deleted, but loses its verified status. The renewal cost is included in the Citation Care annual service price. We submit business information to the following data aggregators and GPS networks:
i. Data Axle, Neustar, and Foursquare are global aggregators of business data offering a wide range of enterprise data services.
ii. The YP Network includes Yellow Pages, Superpages, and DexKnows, serving more than 80 million users per month.
iii. The GPS Network distributes business data to five mobile navigation services guiding more than a billion users worldwide to the right place: Waze, Uber, Navmii, HERE, and Tom Tom.