Use Google Business Profile To Engage More Customers | Randy Lyman, Seo Coach - Oakland, California

How to Optimize Google Business Profile to Engage More Customers

Get started with Google Business Profile to reach more customers and grow your business.

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How To Do Local Seo: The 4 Building Blocks Of Success | Randy Lyman, Local Seo Specialist

How to Do Local SEO: The 4 Building Blocks of Success

A guide for beginners to the four main parts of local search engine optimization.

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7 Reasons Why Local Seo Is Important For Your Small Business | Randy Lyman, Local Seo Specialist - Writing For The Age Of Lies

7 Reasons Why Local SEO is Important for Your Small Business

Local SEO is critical for getting found in “near me” or “open now” searches. Here are 7 reasons why your business needs it.

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12 Last-Minute Holiday Local Seo Tips | Randy Lyman - Seo Coach

12 Holiday Local Search Tips You Still Have Time to Do

Get found by last-minute holiday shoppers with 12 easy local search tips you can implement right now on your Google Business Profile.

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Create The Perfect Writing Space | Randy Lyman, Writer &Amp; Content Strategist

Does your writing space help you write better blog posts?

A writing space can inspire you to write and help you write more and better.

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How To Hold A Pen So It Doesn'T Hurt | Lakeshore Local Seo

How to Hold a Pen So It Doesn’t Hurt

Relearning how to hold a pen saved my hand from injury and changed how I write.

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How To Optimize Images For Seo And Smo | | Randy Lyman - Writing For The Age Of Lies

How to Optimize Images for SEO and Social Media

Images are just as important as words for getting your content found and shared.

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How To Optimize Blog Posts For Seo And Social Media | Writing For The Age Of Lies - Randy Lyman

How to Optimize a Blog for SEO & Social Media

Optimize your blog for both search engines and social media to get them found and shared.

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Seo Vs. Smo: How To Get Your Content Found And Shared | Randy Lyman, Writing For The Age Of Lies

SEO vs. SMO: How to Get Your Content Found and Shared Better

Optimizing for search and social media is not separate from your content. It’s how you write it. Or it should be.

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How To Motivate Your Audience With An Effective Call To Action | Randy Lyman, Writing For The Age Of Lies

How to Move Your Audience with an Effective Call to Action

Without a call to action, your content’s a dead end. Here’s how to get readers to take action when they’re done reading.

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