Fees & Values

My fees are based on the value I provide to you. When we work together, you should feel free to contact me without worrying if you can afford the extra minutes.

I provide value to you in the following ways:

  • Establishing trust and good relationships with you and everyone I meet in your organization
  • Creating a work product of the highest quality
  • Keeping my word
  • Acting with integrity in all my dealings
  • Giving you what you want and helping you see what you need

Whether we work together once or repeatedly, my goal is to increase our value: to each other, to our industries or professions, and to the people your business or organization serves.

Payment & Property

Our written agreement will spell out the complete scope of work, including deadlines and payment terms. I typically require a deposit to begin work.

Unless we agree and specify otherwise, all copyrights and intellectual property rights revert to you upon payment in full.

My Core Values

Creativity. I approach each project uniquely and create an individual voice for it.

Excellence. I am committed to ensuring all my work is of the highest quality.

Reliability. I do what I say.

Growth. I want to grow my business, coach more people, evolve as a person.

Integrity. I operate with wholeness, fitness, appropriateness, synergy, and honesty in everything I do.

Activism. I feel duty-bound to improve the world to honor my symbiotic relationship with it.

Beauty. I create things that inspire beyond words.