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Local Business: The Bedrock of Our Communities

We now know what life is like when the shops and stores we rely on daily aren't around the corner any more.

Lakeshore Local SEO was founded during the pandemic with a mission to help local businesses survive and thrive in an unpredictable world and uncertain economy.

You can count on this: People are searching for local products and services on their phones and computers before going anywhere. They're looking for reviews, opening hours, appointments, directions, deals, menus, what's in stock, and more.

Local search engine optimization (SEO) helps your neighborhood or service area businesses (SAB) get found when people search terms like "near me" or "open now" for products and services in their area.

What they find will likely determine whether they become your customer or your competitor's.

That's what Local SEO is about. It has a high ROI and lays down a solid foundation that can improve ROI in all your local marketing, including ads — and that endures through both tough and prosperous times.


Get Started with Local Search

We aim to be the go-to local SEO agency for businesses just getting started with local search. To most people, it's unfamiliar and confusing. Not to us. Our process and services make it easy to start improving your local search presence if you've never done any of this before.

Improve Rankings and Conversions

Whether you're just starting or ramping up your current local SEO, our goal is to help your business both rank higher and get more calls, requests for directions, or clicks to your website. Because what good is ranking higher if they don't click, right?

Personal Service and Experience

Lakeshore Local SEO doesn't want to be just a vendor, but a partner who advocates and engages with you to improve your local search presence. You get regular reports, and our service agreements guarantee we keep up with best practices. We're good at working with non-techies.

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